The Numbers Game

I’ve seen a few posts and had a few conversations lately about the trend for berating the modern training equipment and methods used by some novice and lower category cyclists. There seems to be an attitude out there – especially amongst the older more experienced or successful riders – that power meters, training zones, structured […]

So that was 2016…

So 2016 draws to a close, and I’ve got another 12 months of coaching under my belt. It has (and no doubt will continue to be) a constant learning curve. The biggest challenge is realizing that everybody is different and responds to different things. There are the riders who are into the numbers and upload […]

Is your cycling performance fully insulated?

We’ve all heard David Brailsfords ‘aggregation of marginal gains’ mantra. Making small improvements in several areas can make significant overall improvements in your performance. He didn’t however invent this way of approaching things. I once had a boss who every time he found a coin on the floor (no matter what the value) would proudly […]

Are you a Rocky or a Drago?

What kind of trainer are you – ‘chopping logs in the snow’ or ‘monitored efforts on a versa-climber in the lab’ ?? Well we all know what the outcome of that one was.  Click here if you’re not sure what I’m banging on about. However this isn’t a blog just about Rocky IV, it’s about Old Skool versus […]

The Great Athletes’ Bake Off

Hands up those of you who opened this blog hoping for a list of cakes that are good for the athletes?, you lot go and stand in the corner. This isn’t even a nutrition blog. The title just refers to an analogy I find myself using time and time again – ‘Don’t worry about the icing […]

Scousers’ Guide to Bike Racing

Apologies if the title is a bit misleading. This isn’t a guide to racing like a Scouser – although legend has it, that back in the 80’s there was a local rider who would get into a break in a Road Race and then sit on the back for a free ride to the finish. […]

Get Better

It’s the time of year for setting goals. Whether it’s to lose 10kg or complete a 5k Park Run in under 25 minutes anything less than achievement will not do. Most coaches or teachers will tell you that your goal needs to be SMART. It’s true that if your sport is your job, and your […]

A Goal is just a Dream without a Plan

New Year Resolutions Here we go, 2016 is going to be the year. The year you ‘up your game’. That’s what you’ve told yourself, right? You’ve set yourself a goal – a target weight, maybe a dress or suit that you’re going to get back into. If you’re really determined you might even have an […]