Calpe Training Camp

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For the first training camp with my Madison Genesis team in 2019 we were based out in Calpe.  We were mainly working on endurance so the first 3 days were rides of 5 hours, then 6 and then 6, or just a bit less. We were getting loads of climbing in and getting used to spending a load of time on the bike. After this first 3 day block we had a recovery day, then straight into another 3 day block with similar hours.Johnny Riding with the Madison Genesis team in Calpe

It’s nice to see some familiar faces back on Genesis bikes this year and the team is great; we always have a laugh both on and off the bike. I think it’s important to have a good atmosphere in the team. Spending a lot of time together when you’re tired can be hard but having a laugh is the best way to get through and I always train hard on these camps.

We managed just over 32 hours riding in 7 days which will set me up well for the next camp in just over 2 weeks time.  This one will involve more intense efforts and structured work, rather than just focussing on endurance.

Johnny Relaxing in the sun during his Calpe Training campOn the last day of the camp I had an all out effort on the Col de Rates and averaged 401 watts for 15 and a half minutes, which I was pleased with hitting at the end of a hard camp. It can be difficult knowing how hard to train and push yourself, but after some advice from our new manager (Roger Hammond), I decided to train hard on the last day and not just ride the day before travelling home.  Have a look at my ride on Strava if you want to see what we get up to on these camps.

Madison Genesis training camp 1 done – and happy with how it’s all starting to shape up.

I find the science in sport products we use are fantastic. Especially the recovery drinks and protein gels. I’ve tweaked my position on the genesis zero bike from last season and I’m really happy with that too. Feel comfortable but fast too.

All looking good and now onto the next one. Inbetween camps I will be focussed on quality recovery and then will build up again.  Should be able to get some Zwift racing in too!