Cycle coaching

Drawing on years of experience racing and coaching at all levels I have the knowledge to help riders of all ability improve their Cycling for Road Racing, Time Trialling, Sportives, Triathlons, Charity Rides or just recreational riding – get in touch and we can look at improving every aspect of your riding, including:

  • Endurance Training
  • Bike Position
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Body Composition
  • Effective Recovery
  • Training & Racing with a Power Meter
  • Planning Races or Events

Power meters

We have partnered with to ensure that all our clients are able to benefit from our modern approach to training. Clients can expect to be guided through the confusing maze that often precedes a powermeter purchase to ensure that they end up with the right product for them. We can offer a discount of the list price for regular clients.
Click through to and have a look at the range available so that you can begin to obtain the benefits of training with power, including

  • Detailed rider data
  • Accurate training zones
  • Less 'junk' miles
  • Accurate Pacing
  • Tracking improvements
  • Targeting weaknesses

Weight Loss Coaching

What is weight loss coaching? As with our sports coaching, there is no ‘one size fits all’ template for weight loss. What works for one person may be unsustainable for someone else. Most people are in different states, both physically and psychologically. So one set of guidelines will lead to great results for some but not for others. Some people achieve great body compositions with exercise, some with nutrition. But it is usually a combination of both that has lasting results. There may be just a few small mistakes that you are making that are derailing all your hard work and good intentions. It could just be that you need someone to be accountable to when making choices. You maybe need a goal to work towards or just recognise the triggers that always lead you off the rails.
Whatever it is you need to do to get back to your optimum weight and body composition, fit360 weight loss coaching will help you with nutrition and exercise programming  and support you to commit to reaching your goal.
We run a step by step, week by week programme, individually designed, with regular evaluations. No gimmicks, no miraculous promises, no contracts, just the application of a few basic principles, ongoing support, education and motivation.
As with the sports coaching packages, you just pay for the month ahead, no tie ins.
If you think this could be for you, get in touch for a ‘no obligation’ chat.


One-to-one cycle coaching

Our full one to one cycle coaching package 
includes Position check, Power testing, Zone setting, Nutritional advice, Structured & Progressive training program set weekly via Training Peaks  (subscription included), Gym Sessions, unlimited contact..
£95 per month

Bike position check

Having an analysis of your setup can be the first step to making real gains in your comfort and aerodynamics on the bike.  We look at your needs and goals and ensure that you have the optimum set up for you, and can advise on equipment if necessary.

Single Hour Gym Sessions

To take advantage of the well equipped facility to complete a power test in a controlled environment or require supervision/analysis for your lifts.  Advance booking only.



Group Discounts

We can offer discounts for groups and teams.
£Prices available on request

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