Performance Nutrition

Fit360 coaching can provide a Performance nutrition package consisting of an Initial consultation with follow-up appointment, 7-day nutrition guide and supplement plan

A bespoke nutrition plan will be designed around your typical week, taking into consideration your training and lifestyle. After completing a lifestyle questionnaire and 3-day food diary, you will be provided with a 7-day bespoke nutrition and supplement plan. After receiving your plan, we will arrange a Skype call to discuss your plan and action points moving forward.

What you will receive:

A detailed, bespoke nutrition and supplement plan including a 7-day meal plan and macronutrient recommendations.
A nutrition guide outlining the basics of sports nutrition and what a diet for performance looks like.
A follow up Skype call after 4 weeks to discuss your progress and further action points for improvement

What can you expect to learn from this package?

  • The benefits of nutrition on performance
  • How to make better food choices
  • How to fuel and recover effectively around training
  • What it really takes to lose body fat
  • Nutrition for long-term success
  • Recipes for training and main meals
  • The truth about supplements and what really work


An Introduction to Sports Nutrition

Initial consultation with follow-up appointment, 7-day nutrition and supplement plan

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