The Numbers Game

I’ve seen a few posts and had a few conversations lately about the trend for berating the modern training equipment and methods used by some novice and lower category cyclists. There seems to be an attitude out there – especially amongst the older more experienced or successful riders – that power meters, training zones, structured […]

So that was 2016…

So 2016 draws to a close, and I’ve got another 12 months of coaching under my belt. It has (and no doubt will continue to be) a constant learning curve. The biggest challenge is realizing that everybody is different and responds to different things. There are the riders who are into the numbers and upload […]

Are you a Rocky or a Drago?

What kind of trainer are you – ‘chopping logs in the snow’ or ‘monitored efforts on a versa-climber in the lab’ ?? Well we all know what the outcome of that one was.  Click here if you’re not sure what I’m banging on about. However this isn’t a blog just about Rocky IV, it’s about Old Skool versus […]

The Great Athletes’ Bake Off

Hands up those of you who opened this blog hoping for a list of cakes that are good for the athletes?, you lot go and stand in the corner. This isn’t even a nutrition blog. The title just refers to an analogy I find myself using time and time again – ‘Don’t worry about the icing […]